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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Call for Contributions, The Technological Singularity: A Pragmatic Perspective

The Technological Singularity: A Pragmatic Perspective

Seeking to promote the debate in the nature of the upcoming technological singularity, the peer-reviewed essays and commentaries in the volume Singularity Hypotheses (Springer, 2012) explicated, defended and criticized a range of hypotheses related to an intelligence explosion and posthumanism, as well as acceleration theories.

We invite contributions to a second volume on the subject. Tentatively entitled The Technological Singularity: A Pragmatic Perspective, the volume will collect essays that expand on consequences of the singularity to humankind and explore plausible pathways and disruptive technologies.

In addition to the tools of science and engineering we particularly welcome essays applying economic, business, historical, social, political and psychological theories to the hypotheses presented in Singularity Hypotheses.

Key Dates
  • 15th Jun 2013: extended abstracts (500-750 words)
  • 2nd Sept 2013: full essays (7,500 words)
  • 3rd Feb 2014: final essays
Target publication: 4th quarter 2014

Audience: the 'scientifically literate non-specialist' (avoid unnecessary jargon)

Format: Information on layout and formatting your chapter can be found at Springer’s website.

Submission: Abstracts can be submitted via email to Essays can be submitted by opening an account at: .

Review: Each submission will be peer-reviewed by at least one editor and one specialist reviewer.

For more information please see our blog: or our website

If you have any queries please contact Vic Callaghan (, Amnon Eden (, or James Miller (

Looking forward to receive your abstract!

The editors
Amnon Eden, Vic Callaghan, James Miller

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